The tuition for our service cost are determined by the quality of care upheld, operational expenses, and a regional childcare rate survey given by the Missouri Childcare Resource and Referral Network.

Our preschool is valued with tuition rates to allow parents to afford the benefits of dependable - professional childcare.

Rates are based on your needs. To find out the exact amount you would pay, we need to speak to you to assess your childcare needs. You may call anytime to set up an appointment to meet so we can discuss the rate that is feasible for your budget.

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  Services offered:

                                Full Time  *  Part Time *Occasional Care  *  Short- Term

     We DO NOT offer:

                    * Sibling discounts                                   * Subsidized Payment contracts 

                    *Children under 2 1/2 years old               * Children over 5 years old

                    * Evenings  or    Weekends                      * Over nights

                    * Care for those who attend half -day preschool offered by school district 

We are sure you will be impressed by what you will see. Give us a call today to schedule that interview.

Tuition discussed are subject to change at any time.


Many ways to pay:

We offer many ways to pay tuition. Cash, check credit/debit card, or money order.

* Walk in pay:

 Cash, check, money order or with credit/debit with Square Reader. 

* Online

Paypal directly through our website.

Face Book Messenger through our closed Facebook group page. 

Some online methods may require a small processing fee.

Receipts and invoices are given when requested. 

We offer 3 payment cycles to chose from:

* Weekly 

* Semi- weekly

* Monthly 


What do you get for that weekly rate?

With that weekly rate your children will receive nurturing, safe, clean, and professional care.  We also understand that parents have a lot going on so we use the money collected from each payment to purchase daily items frequently used by the children. Parents appreciate not having to lug around a diaper bag and we don't have to constantly remind parents to restock up on weekly items needed for daycare. 

Items included in the weekly payment:   

* Diapers and training pants

* Wipes 

* USDA meals

* Early Childhood Curriculum kits and additional services: Little Passports, Hooked on Phonics, Funshine Express

        *      Funding for extracurricular activities such as field trips, outings, cooking, yoga, and                    music lessons and having special presentations from community organizations.

  *      Birthday, holiday and preschool graduation celebrations! 


Childcare Expenses

The question always asked is "Why does childcare cost so much?".  Studies show that families should expect to spend about 10% of there income on childcare alone. Before the recession, parents spent about the same amount for childcare as we do today. Wages dropped as all other expenses continue to soar. This includes the cost of housing, transportation, insurance, food and gasoline. This is why the cost of childcare feels as if it has sky rocked. When it's more so that the cost of living has increased although our incomes have remained stagnate.

The cost of operating a daycare can be very expensive. Centers and group day cares have more over head then home day cares because of payroll and liability insurance. Nannies can be the most expensive because they actually come into the home giving families customized service. 

When I say that I have to provide things such as food and utilities, parents say, "You have to pay a water bill even when my child isn't there?" That is true especially if the provider lives in the house where daycare is being held. The utilities are a lot higher when daycare is out of the providers home. Our lights, water, and gas are being used 24/7. We have more lights on, more water usage, and more gas being used during the day. Just imagine dropping your child off at daycare and the provider is using candles to light her home. That is not acceptable.

As much as I love working with children, I have to make a profit. Most of the time providers make just enough to pay the bills. We don't always get a payroll check after expenses. Just imagine your job paying you just enough for gasoline, lunch, work clothing, and car maintenance. By the time you finish paying for what it cost you to make it back and forth to work, you end up with $0 left over.

There are some providers that charge a lot and some that charge a little. Some providers will charge less than what they should and try to take in too many children. This isn't fair to the children, to parents, or to the provider. She will become over worked. Many of these providers are always ill, stressed out, and some become mean. No child deserves to be left in the care of that type of person. It's just not healthy.

I understand that the cost of childcare can seem like a lot. My first child was in a few day cares before I became a work-from-home-mother.  One huge part of having a young child is accepting that you won't get much sleep and that childcare is going to cost. I try my best to keep cost down by cutting expenses such as using recycled items for crafts, using less paper and printer ink by using dry erase pocket sheets for filling out daily reports, and turning down air and heat after daycare hours. With all this there are still many expenses that is necessary for our program to display higher quality. One large bill for me is liability insurance. It isn't required but I feel comfortable having it.  I also employ  qualified assistant workers when I have a number of children enrolled. I am very picky about those I hire to work with my daycare children so that person has to have qualifications that deserve the higher pay rate.

Here is a list of some expenses parents money goes towards at this daycare:

Utilities, mortgage/rent, insurance, food, cleaning supplies, office supplies, lawn and gardening supplies and equipment, furniture, lots of toys, continuous replacement of all types of  items damaged by children,  appliances, household goods such toilet paper, cleaning supplies, storage containers, home maintenance services such as a plumber and electrician,home and yard pesticide service, fire and safety equipment and services, bedding, computer, printer, telephone service, classroom pet supplies, cell phone service, gasoline, car payment, car maintenance, property taxes, banking fees, art and craft supplies, tax service, social security,and childcare training, and licensing/certification/registration/zoning expenses. 

These are expenses that I have to pay for in order to operate this daycare. I can't go without one.  There are more items that I didn't include because they are extra's that I choose to have such as diapers, wipes, health products such as tooth brushes and sunscreen for the children, work uniforms, assistant payment, and health insurance. Yes I take PAID provider vacations to reduce burnout, stress, and because I deserve too  I hope this list helps answers the question of "Why does childcare cost so much?

Call any time to discuss a rate that will fit into your budget. 

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We are a Christ lead facility. Always placing God first!

"...But as for me and my household, we serve the Lord." (Joshua 24:15 NKJV)

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