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Most childcare programs have what is called a Parent Handbook to explain their policies. Our handbook is referred to as the Parent Packet which holds copies of all signed forms, Welcome Letter, handouts, and the "Terms of Agreement". In the Terms of Agreement, you find all you need to know about how the daycare is ran, what is expected of parents, and what type of program you can expect from us. Below you will find a few polices that come up frequently.

Attendance Policy

At RIGHT AT HOME PRESCHOOL you pay for the "position" held by your child. If your child misses a day for any reason outside of a daycare snow day,holiday, or vacation time, you are still expected to pay for that day missed. Payment is based on a flat weekly fee. There are no hourly or daily rates unless the child is enrolled as Occasional Care. (Read more about Occasional Care in Program Details.) 

Vacation Days:

Up to 5 days per family per year with full credit. Must give 1 week written notice to receive credit.

Snow Days:

There is a full credit for days when the weather causes hazardous driving conditions. Full credit for the children who don't come to daycare on those days.


We is closed on major holidays with the exception of Martin Luther King, Presidents, and Columbus Day.  Full credit will be given. Providers Appreciation Day in May is also included as a holiday. We also reserve the Monday following Holidays that fall on Sunday. The Monday after Easter Sunday is one example.

Provider Paid Vacations:

Throughout the year, I may take up to 10 days off as my paid vacations. These days are listed on the preschool calendar.  I will inform parents at least a month in advance. There is no credit given for my vacations. Parents are allowed to use vacation time and receive full credit. 

Late Arrival / Early Leave:

No credit is given for children who arrive later then scheduled or picked up earlier the scheduled time.  

Over Time Fee:

Children must be picked up before 6 pm. An additional Over Time Fee of $5 every for 15 minutes will be added to the weekly payment. 

Payment Policy

All payments are due by Friday before 6 pm. Payment is credited towards the following week.

Parents can choose one of three payment cycles: Weekly, Semi-Monthly or Monthly

If payment is received late, there will be a $10 late payment fee for every day it is late. Children will not be permitted into day care until payment is made in full. Contract is voided by parent if payment becomes 2 weeks behind.

Cash, credit/bank cards, check, or money orders are accepted.

Payment can be made in person or online. Your Parent Packet will have more instructions.

There will be a $35 NFS fee plus any bank fees accrued with any returned checks.

Sick Policy

It is common for children to get sick at daycare. There are many viruses and childhood diseases which are expected to come up from time to time. Children carry bugs into daycare from exposure to other children or adults. In some cases children need to be exposed so they can build an immunity to the virus or disease. we try our best to reduce the risk of exposure by constant hand washing, using state required forms disinfecting and sanitation methods of all equipment, teaching children the proper way to cover coughs and sneezes, and proving over the counter medications at parents approval.  Being a smaller group helps because there are less amount of germs to spread. 

If a child has a contagious illness such as the flu, or chicken pox; they will be excluded from daycare.

If the child shows the following symptoms while at daycare the parent will be contacted to pick up the child and a doctors examination may be required before the child can resume attendance.

Some of those symptoms are as such but not limited to:

Temperature of 102oF

Excessive diarrhea and or vomiting

Eye infection

Sore throat

Rash, lice, or nits

Unusual crankiness

 There are no credits given for early pick up or absences due to illness.

Discipline Policy

We provide our children healthy boundaries of discipline. Acceptable behaviors must be taught through direction and modeling. We help our children learn alternative ways to handle circumstances. Our goal is to help the child realize what the problem is and how to chose a better resolution. 

Children need to learn acceptable behavioral skills. These techniques can range from learning to patiently wait, setting quietly during story time, how to problem solve without conflict, and staying with the group during outings. We try our best to keep the day well managed with engaging activities and routine. We rarely have children who act out causing disturbance that can't be handled within the moment. 

In the play room, we have preschool rules posted in picture form for the children to view.

When times a children displays an unacceptable behavior,  discipline measurements  will be taken. For discipline tactics we may  use a 6 - point system.

 1.) We talk with the child.

Three verbal warnings

 2.) Redirect the child

3.)If behavior continues the child will be placed in the Safe Seat or just time away from the group.

Steps 1 - 3 are attempted 3 times.

4) We will call the parent. To have parent talk with child over the phone. 

The incident will be recorded on a Behavior Report.

5) The parent is called to pick up the child. Child is placed on a 1 Day Suspension.

6) Child is terminated form program.

If a child receives a total of 3 reports based on similar issues, I may consider resigning my position as the childcare provider. If the child's misbehavior causes too much distraction, the parent will be contacted at once. 

We may also offer probation for issues such as biting or hitting. 

Termination Policy

Care may be terminated for the following reasons: (Not limited to.)

Child is increasingly unhappy and unable to become comfortable with the family childcare setting.

Child consistently physically or verbally hurts other children in daycare.

Child displays constant behavioral problems.

Child consistently damages items in the home. 

Parent/guardian routinely abuses drop -off and pick-up times.

Parent/guardian does not work with me to assure a positive atmosphere for the child/ren.

Parent/guardian doesn't pay as agreed on contract. Voids contract.

Parent/guardian displays dislike by disrespecting myself, my family, my home and/ or other children and/or their parents in my daycare.

If the daycare is permanently closing for business purposes.

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