How to Enroll

 Step #1: Tour and Parent/ Provider Interview

This meeting is scheduled after business hours.  The purpose of the interview is so parents can get a chance to see the setup and address concerns. I will also address my concerns and briefly go over a few policies. This meeting usually last for a little over an hour. We will have snacks and toys to keep the little ones busy while we talk.

Step #2 Enrollment Packet

Once you are ready to enroll your children, you will fill out and turn in the Enrollment Packet. This packet contains all enrollment forms. All forms must be completely filled out for enrollment. I generally allow up to 2 weeks before returning the forms. Parents may receive the packet at the interview for a $10 fee or download it online for free. The link will be given to parents before the interview.

Step #3 Enrollment Fee

Along with your Enrollment Packet an Enrollment Fee will be due. This fee is equivalent to one week of daycare. The fee will be credited towards your child’s last week of attendance.  The fee is due two weeks before your child’s first day of attendance. The purpose of this fee is to hold your spot, to buy supplies needed for your children, and for assurance that you are serious about your decision to enroll your child.  If enrollment is denied, the enrollment fee will be refunded within the same week. 

Once both the Enrollment Packet and Enrollment Fee are turned in, the papers will be reviewed. The parents will be contacted to set up the first day of attendance. Attendance may begin within 2 weeks.

  The first payment will be due the Monday before the first week of attendance. All payments are pre-paid on Friday and goes toward the following week of attendance.

Adjustment Period

The first 2 weeks' of attendance will be the Adjustment Period. The parent signs an Adjustment Period Contract. This contract is a probationary period to make sure our program fits the needs of the child. 

Some behaviors we monitor during those first 2 weeks:

 -          How well the child does with the other children.

-          If the child experiences separation anxiety.  How long does the child?s sadness last with in each new day?  Are we able to support the child?s emotional needs?

-          Does the child respect the staff, children, self, other parents and preschool property?

-          Can the child adjust to daily routines without causing much distraction or disorder?

-          How well does the parent receive information from the staff?

-          Does the parent give positive feedback when speaking with staff?

-          Are we able to ease the parent?s own separation anxiety?

-          Does the parent get involved in helping the child adjust to the new environment?

-          Does the parent respect the polices such as drop off and pick up, making payment on time and in full, making sure the child is well rested and healthy enough to have a balanced day.

If anytime during the first 2 weeks the parent decide to end the contract, they may do so with a written notice.  Rashawn has the same right to end the contract with written notice. Any time paid for but not used will be refunded along with any money paid towards the Enrollment Fee. Parents will be informed before the 10th day if the child will be accepted or denied enrollment.

When children are accepted they will be placed on the roster and a Welcome Package which includes copies of enrollment forms and policy descriptions will be sent to you. 


Right At Home Preschool does not discriminate in relation to admission on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, religion or sex, age or ability. Although the daycare emphasizes Christian values children are not required to participate in any Christian activities. Our educational background has limited training in caring for children with special needs. 

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We are a Christ lead facility. Always placing God first!

"...But as for me and my household, we serve the Lord." (Joshua 24:15 NKJV)

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